Mullica Hill

Rosemarie Simila represents homes for sale in Mullica Hill, New Jersey. Rosemarie is a Gloucester County resident and a successful local real estate agent. Rosemarie lists and sells a number of Mullica Hill homes every year. Please use this site to search for her real estate listings in Mullica Hill, NJ.

Mullica Hill is a community inside of Harrison Township in Gloucester County, NJ. The town which traces its roots back to 1704 has a number of historic homes and buildings and is featured on the National Register of Historic Places. Owning a home in Mullica Hill carries with it a certain sense of pride and sophistication. While homes in Mullica Hill range in size and can be either very old or very new, the town itself enjoys a stellar reputation. Most homes are very well maintained and residents identify strongly with the community.

Mullica Hill residents sent their children to Clearview Regional Middle and High School or private schools like the Mullica Hill Friends School.